Leigh Jackson

Marketing & Social Media

Leigh has been a tip-top marketing specialist for over 20 years. Before she became a Realtor, Leigh first worked in the music industry developing the careers of new artists and A-list talent for several different record labels. She advanced to become a talent manager for VH-1, Comedy Central, and the NBA. Later, Leigh applied her marketing expertise in the non-profit sector before becoming IAH’s in-house marketing maven.
Leigh is passionate about Atlanta and our city’s fast-changing landscape. She uses her marketing experience and social media expertise to keep our team and our clients tuned into the pulse of the Metro Area’s diverse and eclectic culture. Leigh’s keen eye and curious mind are a vital part of helping our clients identify, create, and develop community in their neighborhood, or, as we like to call it, Home.
Like so many on our team, Leigh is a creative light. She loves to travel and recently walked the Camino de Santiago and across France. Whether abroad or at home, Leigh enjoys a good glass of champagne and great music.


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Transaction Coordinator


Operations Manager