Back To School in Atlanta

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Back To School in Atlanta

Sharpened pencils, the kind with that just-right, soft lead tip. Fresh pink erasers even though the one from last year (and the year before that) lies unused and forgotten in a drawer. Loose-leaf paper, notebooks, crayons, highlighters, hand sanitizer, wipes, paper towels, soap… wait—what’s going on?

New lunchboxes sporting the super hero du jour are packed with homemade pb&j’s, chips, and a drink. Carefully chosen backpacks are stuffed with supplies and a change of clothes for after school practice—football, volleyball, cross country, band. Despite the unrelenting high temperatures, fans are already excited about cool Friday nights and heated Saturday afternoon rivalries. It’s the end of August and not a twinge of fall in the air, but, ready or not, it’s school is in session for Atlanta.

The littles are riding the bus for the first time, some too excited to pose for the obligatory first day pictures in their brand new outfits. Could they really have grown that much since last year?! Emotional parents sending their hearts off to school, secretly grateful for the quiet house that end of summer brings. Kids eager, all fear forgotten, as they reunite with friends on the playground, by their lockers, and in homeroom. Stressed-out teachers, mourning the end of summer break more than any child, optimistically greet their classes with the hope of a fresh start. The long climb of a new school year begins with so many firsts wrapped up in the familiar memories of new beginnings.

Parents walking their children to school along the Atlanta BeltLine while morning exercisers push up and salute the sun. Kids riding bikes and skateboards, picking up speed on the curves of The PATH, as happy dogs pull their moms and dads along behind. It’s not a whitewashed remembrance of an Atlanta long past—it’s a typical school morning for many Atlanta’s families.

The BeltLine threads together our hodgepodge of intown neighborhoods, and a new Atlanta culture emerges. Our children, our teachers, and our schools are all strengthened by this grassroots revival of our once-decayed intown infrastructure. The PATH connects us through our diversity, and it celebrates our eclectic lifestyle that makes Atlanta unique—that makes Atlanta home.

So we settle into our back-to-school routines, some new, some more familiar. Homework, weeknight practices, and weekend games make the dwindling daytime long. The uphill climb that is the school year has begun. In a few days Labor Day will come and go. The pools will close, and summer will certainly fade away with the first glimpse of fall days ahead. But for the next little while, back-to-school magic gives us the nostalgia of a new beginning.

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