Blake Jones

Blake Jones

Brand Ambassador | Coach

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Blake is the special ops force of the IAH team. On any given day he could be meeting with clients, vendors, partners, potential new team members – whatever is called for, Blake is up to the task. Before going into real estate, he worked for Starbucks, first in the retail environment, and then behind the scenes in training. Blake loves the fluidity of being able to jump into whatever role is needed. He appreciates the open welcoming culture at IAH, because it’s a place where people can be authentically themselves. He says no matter who you are, you can find your people there.

Buying your dream home – or selling a home you’ve lived in for years – can be uncomfortable at times. One of Blake’s superpowers is helping ease clients through those uncomfortable moments to reach their goals. His mantra is “We get stuff done. Whatever needs doing, we get it done. And we make it look easy.” That’s what clients want when they’re buying or selling a home.

A native of Atlanta, Blake loves knowing everything about the city. His hobby is exploring hobbies – which underscores an insatiable curiosity and drive to learn. Currently, he’s focused on mastering knitting. So far, he says he’s created a series of kites – that were supposed to be washcloths. He’s also loving a new exploration of veganism.

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