• Evaluation on unit mix, sizes and types
  • Product Evaluation – floor plans, elevations, specs
  • Market entry statement and public relations material design consultation
  • Pricing and price positioning, unit by unit “Bonusing”
  • Consult on timed releases, pre-sales and momentum building
  • Consult with marketing on promotional literature and signage

Hands On Implementation

  • Market research – competitors and current market conditions, buyer profiles, location demographics
  • Sales & Marketing plans. budgeting and timelines
  • Onsite sales team scripting and training
  • Creation and implementation of a customer follow up program
  • Onsite forms and procedures
  • Buyer focused problem solving

Other Services Provided

  • On-site professionally trained sales people
  • Community status and reporting systems
  • Transaction administration
  • Sales & closing projection reports
  • Multiple listing services
  • Preferred lender referrals
  • Preferred closing attorney referrals
  • Preferred Designer | Staging company referrals
  • Broker of record

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