Tips From Our Resident Designer – Choosing Lighting Fixtures for the House

Choosing the lighting fixtures for the house is one of the details you need to plan when decorating a new space. But the decision is not easy, not even if you are planning a simple makeover or renovation. But you must be organized and take things one by one, room by room.

Entry Ways– The lighting is especially important for the entry because it can make your home look very inviting. So, make sure you set an appropriate mood at the front door. A large lamp or chandelier can be a nice choice. If you have artwork displayed on the walls, accent lights can help you highlight their beauty.



Living Room-It is important to set the right balance in the living room. This is a space which is usually flexible, and it used for entertainment but also as a place to relax. So, consider using permanent fixtures such as chandeliers or pendant lamps but also take into consideration floor lamps and sconces. A dimmer switch is, of course, a must have.




Dining Room– The dining room is one of the easiest rooms to light simply because the dining table is always the focal point of the room. Usually, chandeliers are chosen for this area, but pendant lights are also extremely popular. However, you can also add a task lamp or accent lights if you wish to put the spotlight on a certain accent feature in the room.




Kitchen– The kitchen needs more complex lighting because there is no single focal point in this room. So, you need overhead lights for basic tasks, but you also need extra lighting in areas such as over the kitchen island, over the sink or the bar. You can have pendant light in all these areas. Spotlights are also a good option.




Bedrooms-In the case of the bedroom, the best choice would be warm light because it is more restful and relaxing. Usually, task lighting is used on the bedside tables, but you can also have sconces there. Also, consider using accent lights to highlight a photo or a work of art. Do not forget about the dimmer switch, it will allow you to create the perfect ambiance in the room.




Bathrooms – What’s important to know here is that sconces above a vanity mirror or beside it assure appropriate light for certain tasks but you have to place them at the right height (near face height) for the most flattering illumination. Well-placed accent lighting makes the bathroom more welcoming so consider also having a chandelier, a pendant light and do not forget the dimmer switch.


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