Historic Living… Archival Photos of Atlanta 1870 to 1955

Every so often as I research a particular point in history, I look to see if there is any photo evidence. This usually begins a journey down the rabbit hole of some amazing sites such as The Atlanta Time Machine, Georgia State Archives and the Atlanta History Center. The Kennan Research Center at the Atlanta History Center sells photographs for public use and even for framing in your home. They have a vast collection starting with the Civil War. This month I thought I would share a few photos from Reconstruction through 1955; pulled out during my last trip in to the vortex.

Federal troops during Reconstruction. Believed to be from around 1870. Georgia State Archives.


Peachtree Street in 1897 looking North. Notice the mansions and the trolley.



An early aerial photo of the same spot, believed to be from around 1920.

The large columns you see here on the Leyden Home, circa 1858,

still exist on the Peachtree Circle Apartments in Ansley Park.


If there is any building in Atlanta that I wish I could have seen it is the Atlanta

Train Terminal Building. Built in 1907 and torn down in 1972 to build the

Richard B Russell Federal Building. Near the current Mercedes Benz Stadium.



Atlanta Crackers Ball Park looking toward the Sears Building (now Ponce City Market.) The next

time you are at Whole Foods imagine the crowds cheering you on second base.


A map of Downtown Atlanta circa 1949 from a tourist magazine called the Gay Pages.

Different connotation, yet ironic none the less, to our now diverse population.




Construction of Grady Hospital circa 1955. A hospital stood here since the mid 1800’s

but this is the main building we now see from the Grady curve.

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