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The Plane, The Plane! I am probably dating myself, but before real estate, (nearly 18 years ago) if you said the word Bungalow, I would assume that Toto would be guiding me to my hut on Fantasy Island. I have come a long way from one of my favorite childhood TV shows and to one of the most coveted historic home styles. Many buyers still do not know it by name, yet they have no trouble explaining they want one of those homes with the big front porch.


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According to Dictionary.com:

bungalow [buhng-guh-loh]


  1. a cottage of one story
  2. in India, a one storied thatched or tiled house usually surrounded by a veranda
  3. in the USA, a derivation of the Indian style house type, popular especially during the first quarter of the 20th century,usually having one and a half stories, a widely bracketed gable roof, and a multi-windowed dormer and frequently built of rustic materials.

Today we are going with definition #3. Though the USA version really is based on British Officer housing in Bengal India. Bangla-style turned into Bungalow. The homes were built low to the ground, with large porches sheltered by wide overhanging eaves. On the east coast, we tend to think everything is older than the west coast but not in this case. Many of the first bungalow style homes were built in California between 1905 and 1915. The east coast and midwest see more from 1915-1930 with few built after 1930, unless they are a modern revival take on the historic style.



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The Bungalow was a simple design, compared to the ornate styling of the Victorian era. You may also hear the term Craftsman Bungalow. This refers to the American Arts and Crafts movement.  Most widely promoted by Gustav Stickley’s The Craftsman magazine. He had three ideals; simplicity, harmony with nature and the promotion of craftmanship. It is actually ironic that this style of home became the most popular for mass produced catalog homes like those of Sears and Montgomery Ward. So much for the craftsman, yet you could get that look delivered straight off the train car.


Arts and Crafts posts in Lake Claire


In Atlanta, we are lucky to have many charming bungalows left in both our Intown neighborhoods and the small towns of rural Georgia. Are you ready for a bungalow? Give us a call at 404-978-2273.

All photos taken by Michelle Mechem in Atlanta’s Historic Intown neighborhoods.


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