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A small city with a big heart, is the motto of Clarkston and very fitting. Located just outside the Perimeter on the east side of Atlanta, the town is minutes outside the City of Decatur. It has close access to both i285 and 78.

Clarkston grew, as many Georgia towns do, up around the railroad. Many of the historic homes still exist on each side of the tracks.


For the past 30 years, Clarkston has become a modern Ellis Island of sorts. The town opened its arms to the many refugee populations fleeing starvation, oppression and even civil war. I met a family in 2000 that had fled the war in the former country of Yugoslavia . They left with only what they could carry. Through, Refugee Family Services, a non-profit based in Clarkston they were able to learn English, find work, start a business and even purchase a home within a year. I was amazed by what they had been through and what they had accomplished. They looked like me. (My family emigrated from Poland in the late 1800’s). A few years later a neighbor in Bosnia was able to break into their former home and smuggle out their family photo albums. This was not WWII, this was less than 20 years ago. Clarkston gave them a new chance at life.


Clarkston is progressive. Not only is their Mayor only 38 years old, he was also the subject of a makeover on the Netflix series Queer Eye. Can your mayor say that?


So if you want a home near the Cities of Atlanta and Decatur, without the heftier price tag and you want to make a difference in the world, let us show you Clarkston. Homes range from a 2 bedroom 1 bath for $71,000 to new construction at $430,000.

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