Historic Living… Hapeville

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This Historic Neighborhood You Should Know About, is actually a small city. If you want the small-town feel, yet have incredible access to downtown Atlanta and the world’s busiest airport, then Hapeville is for you!

Hapeville was incorporated in 1891. It was founded by Dr Samuel Hape. Dr Hape purchased large tracts of land during reconstruction for farming and small town sprouted up around it. Dr Hape also became the town’s first mayor. It is now located inside the south wall of I-285 and between I-85 and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

A few homes remain from the late 1800’s and most of the homes are bungalows from the 1910’s – 1930’s and Cape Code style brick home for the 1930’s -1940’s. There are some post-war cottages and ranch homes from the 1950’s. Newer construction tends toward the Charleston style double porches and many new loft and townhome communities are sprouting up around the revitalized downtown. At the time of publishing the listings ranged from $137,000 – $419,000.

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Hapeville saw a downturn as MARTA came through in the 1980’s and many long-term residents moved to the outlying suburbs. In recent years there has been a push to develop the historic downtown and it has been designated a Main Street City. As in much of Atlanta, the train tracks pass through the center of town. You can visit the Train Depot Museum, also Historic Christ Church and Carriage House. Another initiative of the city has been to attract artists. It has a vibrant arts program for both public art and event space.

photo courtesy Hapeville Gallery Crawl

Things to note about Hapeville. The very first Chic-fil-A opened here and still exists as the Dwarf House. There may be a few rednecks in their past, including comedian Jeff Foxworthy, who grew up here. With a population of roughly 6,500 people, they house the headquarters of Delta Airlines, Korean Airlines and Porche. Not bad for a small town.

If you would like more information about living in Hapeville, give us a call! 404-978-2273.

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