Historic Living… How You can Save History with the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation

Photo by Michelle Mechem. Fireplaces in Uptown Columbus, GA


May is Historic Preservation Month! For me, there are 12 historic preservation months, yet this is the designated one. I always joke that we have done way more damage than General Sherman ever did and I have taken it on as my mission to flatten that curve… (too soon???). Well, I digress. Last year I completed the Historic Preservation Leadership Course with the Georgia Trust and one of the many ways they help preserve history is with the Revolving Fund. The Georgia Trust is a Not For Profit, and when generous people donate to save Georgia’s history one of the ways this is done is by purchasing property that has a historic significance so it is not torn down. These properties are then offered for sale to those who agree to follow the Secretary of the Interiors Standards for Rehabilitation. These properties are sold at a very fair (or sometimes ridiculously low price) so that they are saved. You too could save Georgia History. Here is a link to the current properties for sale.

Georgia Trust Revolving Fund Properties For Sale

Please let me know if you want more information on any of these homes. For me it is a labor of love. Have you been saying you need a country house? Well here is your sign.

If you are not already aware, please follow me on Instagram. It is full of beautiful old houses that will suck you into the vortex vs whatever it is you “should” be doing. Come take a gander.


One of my Insta-buddies are the wonderful peeps who have purchased the Little House, marked as SOLD on the Revolving Fund List. They are doing their darndest to renovate this home that they have affectionately named Louise in the middle of this crazy pandemic. I love to follow them and if you are like me, you will too. This home is roughly two hours east of Atlanta.


Remember that history lets us relive the past that was great and helps us not make the same mistakes again.

I hope you are well and safe. Even in a pandemic I hope you make your days Historic!

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