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Gibbs Gardens, 1988 Gibbs Drive, Ball Ground GA 30107

Took a day trip to north Georgia this weekend and visited an amazing place in Ball Ground, Gibbs Gardens. The Gardens began in 1980 as a 300-acre private family estate (the home is fabulous!). The founder, Jim Gibbs, had a dream of creating a world-class public garden, and man oh man he has!

For more than 30 years, he designed and developed the land, creating 220 acres of landscaped gardens adjacent to spring-fed streams, ponds and lakes, surrounded by hillsides covered with mature woodlands. Mr. Gibbs has been committed to achieving a balance between natural and man-made elements to create “harmony with nature” throughout the gardens and what he has accomplished is just beautiful to see and enjoy.

Keeping seasons in mind, Gibbs Gardens is a feast for the senses all year long. There are 16 garden venues that include four feature gardens.

50 acres of Daffodils with more than 20 million flowers (blooming from March to mid-April) I missed this bloomfest but was told that it is magnificent to behold and will make the trip back next spring.

Manor House Gardens surround the beautiful stately manor house and were designed to offer color in spring, summer and fall with lush terraces, waterfalls, sweeping lawns and woodlands.

Visitors walk around their home and peer into the windows daily. No venturing around the first floor in your PJs when the gardens are open!

Monet Waterlily Gardens feature 140 varieties of waterlilies, both tropical and hardy, blooming from late spring through fall. A replica of Monet’s garden and bridge at Giverny provides a beautiful focal point year round. The different colors of water lilies are breathtaking!

Lastly, there are 40 acres of Japanese Gardens, with spring-fed ponds, islands, bridges, boulders, rocks and 40 handcrafted Japanese Lanterns. All through the Japanese gardens you can find altars and benches for reflecting and meditating.

Such a peaceful place! The collection of more than 1,000 Japanese maples make for some brilliant color in the fall – I see another return trip in the fall in my future!

Some of the other all-season gardens include the Fern’s Dell, The Gazebo, Grandchildren’s Sculpture Garden, and the Pleasance. These offer distinctly different garden views and experiences and are a wonder to behold.



Azalea, rhododendron, rose, crepe myrtle, daylily, wildflower, cherry blossom, dogwood and spectacular fall color displays bring a changing tableau of color, fragrance, and texture to the gardens. If you are a lover of nature and enjoy the many blooms and colors nature provides, plan a trip to Gibbs Gardens. Visit their Bloom Calendar to time your trip to see your faves!



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