Market Update December 2018

Good news for Buyers as more listings enter the market this fall.


We are still in a strong Seller’s Market with homes listed under $500,000. Above that mark, the market has started to flatten to a more balanced market. You must go above $1 million to see more of a Buyers Market and this still varies by neighborhood.




According to the Case-Shiller graphic below, it appears we have finally corrected from the downturn of 2008 and are trending up on a historically normal line.




Georgia is still a great place for Businesses to start and relocate to. As business comes, so does the workforce in need of housing.




Atlanta is so diverse. Trends can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood and street to street. We are your local real estate economists. Please let us know if you have questions on your neighborhood. We would be happy to do a hyper-local analysis just for you.



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Michelle Mechem

Market Update… February 2019

  Your answer to “How’s the Market?” Click Here to Watch Video   Data courtesy of Case-Shiller. Photo credits to Case-Shiller, Biworldwide and Redbubble.

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