Market Update: Is the Market Shifting?

If we look at the total Atlanta real estate market, we are still in a heavy “Seller’s Market”. How long can this last? Are we in a shift? Yes and no. Here is a look at April 2018 vs April 2017.




This is the overall market, which shows less inventory, shorter days on the market, and higher prices. Remember though, this is over all price points. What we are seeing is a slight shift above $500,000. Here the market is more “Flat”, meaning there are equal homes on the market and Buyers looking to buy. For the past year, we have been seeing homes priced above $1 million in a Buyers Market. There are more homes on the Market then there are Buyers in the Market looking to Buy.  The shift we are seeing is this is dropping down to homes above $700,000.  Depending on the area of town, you may find a wider range of choices and more ability to negotiate above $700,000.

Overall homes up to $500,000 are in a Seller’s Market.

Homes from $500,000 – $700,000 are in a Flat Market.

Homes above $700,000 are in a Buyers Market.

Atlanta is also very neighborhood driven and can even vary street by street. So how do you know where your home falls or in what part of town you may get more value? Call us! We are your local real estate economists. We know Atlanta and we are here to help.  404-978-2273.


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