Market Update- The Baby Boomers Are Coming!

If you were wondering if it was a good time to sell your home or buy a new one, here are three more reasons why the Time is Now.

When I moved to Atlanta in 1989, I was thrilled when I met someone who was actually born here. At the time, it seemed like everyone I met was also  a transplant. Well those droves of people stayed and had children, who are now technically from here. Young people keep coming and even millennials are now having children.  Their parents are retired or now retiring and want to be close to their children and grandchildren. They make up a good percentage of the average 278 people who move here everyday.


According to this graphic, 40% of the people in Atlanta who rent are qualified to Buy. Why do people rent? Here are the top reasons I get.

  1. It’s easy. When something breaks they call the landlord.

  2. They don’t have the down payment saved to be able to purchase.

  3. They, or their parents lost money in the last housing shift.

Here is my response.

  1. Get a home warranty. When something breaks, call them.

  2. There are conventional loans that allow you to purchase for as low as 3%. I can help you brainstorm on how to actually save that. Also, there are down-payment assistance programs in some areas of the city. If you are a veteran, you have 0 excuses because you have 0 down payment with a VA loan. Call us 404-978-2273

  3. Housing prices have risen above the previous high in 2007 and continue to rise. So does your rent. With a fixed rate mortgage you could at least lock in what you pay. With rent, it can rise every year and you are paying your landlord’s mortgage. Why not pay your own, you could own it outright in the future. Rent is a never ending black hole.


Did I mention 278 people a day are moving to Atlanta?

We would love to help you. Give us a call at 404-978-2273.

Data and graphics courtesy of the Case-Shiller Report July 2018.



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