Stacy Wilson

Stacy Wilson

Marketing Manager

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“I love providing people with an experience that lasts beyond the moment.”

As a theatre major, who has taught and traveled the world telling stories through movement, I compare my fondness for real estate to my passion for performance. In theatre, the encounter lasts long after the show. In real estate the experience continues on for years after the sale.

I was born in Minnesota and have lived and worked in eight different countries and spent over a decade living in Washington D.C. After earning my Masters in Fine Arts in physical theater while residing in Italy I moved to Atlanta and accepted an adjunct instructor position at Georgia State helping others hone their art.

I met Pam [Ahern] shortly after arriving in Georgia and joined the team in the summer of 2019. Transitioning to this team and the way it’s led through support and guidance, was one of the best things I’ve done.

Working as the marketing and events guru of the RPM Group team, I have experience in event planning, building out WordPress sites, creating engaging content, and developing social media campaigns.

Outside of the office, I love to cook, continue to act in theatre and film, teach classes at Drama Inc., and am a flamenco enthusiast having studied the art while living in Washington D.C., Spain, and now Atlanta.

My story revolves around human connection and creating lasting stories. As the marketing and event planner with the RPM Group, I’m excited to share our client stories with others.

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