Taste of Home… Skinny Spring Cocktails

Spring is here! It is staying light longer and soon the pools will be opening. Worried about an extra few winter pounds? Here are a few skinny cocktails and moctails to get you ready for hotter days.

Watermelon Mojito- 100 calories

Instead of using the sugar of simple syrup, use the actual fruit instead. Gently crush cubes of watermelon with fresh mint leaves. Add rum and sparkling water for a refreshing drink. You can also freeze the watermelon first and turn it in to a daiquiri. To be really skinny, leave out the rum.


Classic Margarita- 170 Calories

Have you ever wandered off the normal tourist path in Mexico and ordered a Margarita? It doesn’t come from a blender. Take one shot of tequila, add lime juice to taste, shake with ice and serve with a salt rim.

Slim Gin & Tonic or Gin and Ginger- 75 calories

Simply switching out regular sugary tonic with diet tonic or ginger ale for diet ginger ale slims this classic cocktail way down. Low carb too!

Flavor Fusions- 90 Calories

There are so many choices to lighten up beverages these days. Switching out a mixer is one of the easiest. Mix vodka with a flavored sparkling water, add lime, cucumber or even ginger to spice up the flavor. Many natural vodka companies such as Deep Eddy and High Noon have so much flavor you can add a shot to sparkling water and there is no need for juice. Yes, a juice-less screwdriver! Or skip the booze. When out, order sparkling water with lime and a splash of cranberry. Bring on the bikini.

All photos courtesy of WebMD.

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