Tips From Our Resident Designer: Hate Carving Those Halloween Pumpkins?

Look at these 5 different ideas to showcase our pumpkin decorating skills.


1. GLITTERY POLKA DOT PUMPKINS – paint the pumpkin white and glue on gold or silver sequins.


2. METALLIC PUMPKINS – paint the whole pumpkin a solid color. Select a metallic color and pour a small amount over the top and let it drain down the sides.


3. SUCCULENT PUMPKINS – cut the top of the pumpkin and cover the top with moss and your favorite succulent.


4. STUD PUMPKINS – paint the pumpkin black. Glue on gold or silver studs. Use different sizes or shapes in a geometric pattern of your choice.


5. VELVET WRAPPED PUMPKINS – select your favorite color velvet fabric and different size pumpkins. Wrap each pumpkin with the velvet fabric and glue the top around the stem. Fold the fabric at the top for a design detail.






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