Tips From Our Resident Designer… Newest Trends For Your Kitchen

  1. Indoor Herb Garden

Why not bring the great outdoors to the inside?

Not only does an interior herb garden provide you with on-hand herbs year-round, but the benefits of indoor gardens also extend far beyond the aesthetic.

Some of these benefits include bettering the air quality of your home, reducing stress, deterring illness, and boosting healing. In fact, NASA recommends 1 plant per 100 square feet of indoor space.


  1. Leather Handle Pulls

Rather than opting for traditional knobs or handle, why not consider a leather pull?

In today’s marketplace, these typically come in the form of leather rings or straps. It helps to achieve a modern, minimal aesthetic while also adding a touch of warmth to the room.

The leather pull featured here is designed by Nautilo, an independent company in Poland. For more inspiration, browse their collection of made-to-order leather pulls available on Etsy.

(Photo credit: Piotr Blenski)



  1. Open Shelving

Next year upper cabinetry will become a memory of the past. To replace it, you can look forward to open shelving typically consisting of natural wood or a dark matte metal.

Not only does it help to create a more open-concept look, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to show off your favorite dishware, greenery, or even a collection of cookbooks.

Showcasing these goods is also a fantastic opportunity to add bold pops of color into your kitchen.



  1. Metallic Accents

Another dominant trend we can expect in 2019 is metallic accenting within the kitchen.

While gold certainly had its time to shine, copper was the more dominant color in 2018. As we enter 2019, it’s clear that copper is going to gain even more in popularity within the kitchen.

However, it’s important to resist the copper tones from becoming overwhelming. That said, it’s best to stick with copper accents on things such as small appliances and fixtures.



  1. Bold Pops of Color

As we gear up for the new year, get ready to say “hello” to color!

It’s clear that 2018 was the year of monochrome and minimalist kitchens. However, as we inch into 2019, we’re going to be seeing bold pops of color being incorporated into the kitchen once again.

If you’re new to color, don’t fret. To ease in you can try adding bold colored kitchen stools or bright appliances. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, opt for a bold accent wall or even an opaque colored backsplash.

Looking into the near future, we’re expecting plenty of oranges, forest greens, and calming navy tones.


  1. Say Goodbye to Granite

While granite once reigned superior in the world of countertops, it now tends to feel dated and obsolete.

Instead, look towards materials such as butcher block, marble, or stainless steel for your new countertops. These materials offer a clean, minimalist look while almost being easier to maintain than your typical granite.

Remember, installing countertops is a very challenging job. It’s always best to contract a team that has history and experience in the industry.


  1. Matte Appliances and Cabinets

At one point in time, glossy appliances and cabinets helped to create a sense of novelty and elegance within the kitchen.

However, glossy features within the kitchen today can feel dated and even slightly tacky. In 2019, we’re expecting to see plenty of matte features from the appliances to the cabinets.

Not only does this help to create a sleek and sophisticated look, but it’s also easier to maintain the cleanliness levels. It’s safe to say that these matte features are entirely child-friendly!


  1. Spanish Inspired Tiles

If there’s one design trend that dominated kitchens in 2018, it had to be the subway tile. Sleek and modern, the subway tile is the perfect fit for almost any kitchen today.

While we expect to continue to see the subway tile dominate 2019, we’re also preparing for something slightly more exotic in the tile world.

Come 2019 we’re expecting to see Spanish and Moroccan tiles become incorporated into the kitchen. This may be in terms of tile flooring as well as the backsplash.

In a modern kitchen, this is sure to help incorporate a vintage flair!



  1. Non-Linear Materials

In 2019, we’re going to be all about mixing different materials.

While this might have been a serious faux-pas in past years, nothing is holding us back this year.

That said, don’t be afraid to combine different materials such as wood, metal, and brick. We are looking forward to some bold mixing and matching of our favorite building materials and fixtures.

Remember, you don’t have to stick to one linear design. Adding several designs to one room helps to make it more personal and stand out from the crowd.


  1. Vintage Appliances

As we approach 2019, we’re swapping out the stainless steel appliances for something a little more vintage.

While old dishwashers are not likely a wise investment, we are likely to see plenty of vintage-inspired fridges and ovens. In a modern kitchen outfitted with sleek and sharp lines, curved appliances help to add a touch of contrast and texture.





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